Netizens hotly discuss: Air energy has a brighter future than solar energy

Issuing time:2017-10-06 12:40

After the popularization of smart phones, our life is inseparable from the Internet. Whenever there are some hot topics, everyone will have heated discussions on the Internet. Recently, on a mainstream network platform, someone initiated a topic "Is the prospect of air energy water heaters brighter than solar energy?"

There is also a vote on the top of the main post. The voting results showed that more than half of the people chose "yes". Although there are only a few thousand netizens who voted, the sample is not too large, but it also shows everyone's trust in the new generation of air energy water heaters.


Everyone has different reasons for supporting air energy. The author has excerpted some of the more interesting views expressed by netizens, which are listed below.

Netizen A: "It can be seen from the market share. Solar energy is declining, and now it is not as good as year after year. After all, what is important now is energy saving. Although solar energy is energy efficient, it is too restricted by the weather. I often encounter hot water. time, but it is not needed because of the rain. It will be replaced by air energy sooner or later."

Netizen B: "How should I put it? Whether it is heating or hot water supply, the country is now clearly supporting air energy. You can see that various policies are subsidizing air energy, which shows that the country recognizes such products. Solar water heaters are relatively cheap. The biggest feature is energy saving, but this feature is also the biggest advantage of air energy. In this case, air energy supported by national guidelines is obviously better."

Netizen C: "I don't understand the big aspects. But from my own practical application, I personally support air-energy water heaters. People around me have installed several Nuente air-energy water heaters, and they all say it's easy to use, even if Even when it rains or there is a typhoon, hot water still comes out, and the temperature is stable. In the past, solar energy was installed in the old house. In summer, the sun was shining brightly, and the water was very hot. In winter, the temperature may drop due to the lack of sunshine time. This is not the same as Are our needs contradictory?"


From the point of view of the above three friends, everyone's praise for air energy is mostly focused on "energy saving" and "water stability". Recall that when solar water heaters first entered the market, they were known for their "energy saving". But later, everyone discovered that it depends on the weather to "eat". When the weather is bad, electric auxiliary heating has to be activated, which increases energy consumption and weakens the energy-saving effect. At this time, air energy, as a new product, not only has the characteristics of energy saving, but also has the "stability" that solar energy does not have. Therefore, it is not surprising that air energy water heaters can quickly accumulate good reputation among the people and be widely popularized. .

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