Promote energy-saving and environmentally friendly home appliances Advocate green and low-carbon lif

Issuing time:2017-10-06 12:45

A few days ago, Nan'an Power Supply Company joined forces with the electric appliance company and Midea, Little Swan, TCL and other home appliance brands to carry out the theme activity of "connecting power grids to form a home, sharing electrification" and the promotion of the World Metrology Day event, and carried out the "energy saving and environmental protection, old-for-new" benefiting activities. Popularize common sense of metering standards, electric energy metering and smart meters, promote energy-saving and environmentally friendly home appliances to replace high-energy-consuming old appliances, and advocate energy-saving, environmentally friendly, green and low-carbon lifestyles.

At the event site, the staff of the company patiently explained to the citizens who came to consult the content of the "energy saving and environmental protection, old-for-new" activity, the functions of smart power products, and publicized metering standards, power metering and smart power consumption, smart life, power replacement, energy conservation and environmental protection, Household electrification and other relevant knowledge, with the help of "Internet + power marketing" services combined with business promotion activities, advocate the transformation of residents' home appliance consumption to new and intelligent ones.

On the same day, young volunteers from Nan’an Power Supply Company received a total of 243 on-site electricity consultations and distributed 536 promotional materials. Electricity and other common sense.

It is reported that in order to fully release the potential of power grid transformation and upgrading to expand power consumption, improve the electrification level of urban and rural residents, and let the people share the results of power grid transformation and upgrading, the State Grid Nan'an Power Supply Company will also sign a " The strategic cooperation agreement of connecting tens of thousands of households with the power grid and sharing electrification will cooperate on improving the electrification level of residents' households and promoting the use of clean energy to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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